Lupp Projekt Transilvania SRL

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B-dul. C-tin Brancusi, nr. 149, et. 3 RO 400458 Cluj - Napoca
8 Strada Clinicilor Cluj-Napoca Județul Cluj 400000 RO

Lupp project Transilvania, with its over 8 years of experience your partner in the establishment or re-establishment of production facilities in Romania. We represent your interests locally – to authorities as well as to subcontractors or service providers. We see ourselves as your partner to bridge language barriers that prevent intercultural misunderstandings and help your project in this way for rapid and sustainable success.

Our local experience, knowledge of the market and the regional or national economic and political conditions make us your ideal partner. As a result of our contacts with the authorities, administrations and utilities, it is possible for us to optimize the planning time.

As a group company of over 100 years internationally successful German Construction company Adolf Lupp GmbH + Co KG from Nidda the objectives German companies are very familiar to us.

Type of Company
Consultant, Service Provider
Phone of the Contact Person
Dipl.-Ing. Ludger Thol

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