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The company is the main producer of turfgrass (grass rolls) in Romania, with five farms (grass growing fields) strategically located. It was launched in 2006, organisational and operational system is well optimized, in the company work trained and experienced employees, all departments have maximum efficiency. It has ongoing contracts, a national network of distributors and exports. The […]
Selling the Company
For sale or Joint Venture 1 Oil Factory:  capacity 40.000 liters / day 1 pig farm : 3000 pigs / season 1 hard wood furniture factory 1 plywood furniture factory 1 aluminium and plastic windows factory 500 agriculture hectars rented 2 silo 1 deposit of 1000 sqm 4 tools and equipments stores in different locations 1 land with european project aprooved for pigs birth Tractors, Harvest Class[…]
Selling the Company, Finding Business Partner, Lending money, Investing, Exporting
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