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The Company is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of many various devices for processing of biodegradable waste and compost turners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We export our machines to many countries of the European Union, furthermore to Russian Federation and to the South Africa. Our manufacturing program contains nine types of the compost turners, drawn or carried […]
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The Norwegian company is currently searching Europe, for firms that can acquire, convert and tailor standard 20 foot shipping containers to house heat engines – which are patented and that is able to produce electricity based on renewable, low-temperature heat sources in a more cost effective way than existing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technologies. The currently available tech[…]
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The Equity Partner seek to invest in, and co-manage european companies, the below investment criteria being required from a target company: the potential to grow the business through a private equity investment, and management expertise. Eastern Europe companies are preferred, as we intend also to relocate some of our manufacturing units to Eastern Europe the need for operational manage[…]
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