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Paper-trading company „Krona Papir” – trading, converting different kind of paper. We propose : Paper for wide-format inkjet printers. Photo quality and CAD inkjet papers. density range: CAD papers 80-150 gm/sq.m. Photo quality papers 90-180 gm/sq.m.   width range: CAD papers 297-914 mm. Photo quality papers 610-1067 mm.   length range: CAD papers 50 or 175 […]
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vand fabrica BCA, functionala zona Constanta acces Dunare acces cale ferata       […]
Finding Business Partner
Consultancy & management company, provide sales & marketing & representation services for the Romanian market for the foreign suppliers / producers that wants to develop new business / new market in Romania. The main fields / industries where we are acting: building construction materials, chemicals & plastic polymers, steel materials. We are looking for new partners for […]
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Field/industry: Extraction of iron ores (surface mine) Surface of the perimeter : 45 ha Estimated quantity of ore: 550,000 tons Iron concentration measured: 63% Project implementation period: 7,5 years Direct investment cost: 1,699,740 Euro Turnover (year 1 of operation): 4,565,217 E[…]
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Fond de investitii din Anglia este interesat de achizitia de afaceri functionale/ in insolventa/faliment din Romania. Domeniile vizate : agricultura fabricarea de produse finite fabricare alimente fabricare ansamble si subansamble etc. _______________________________________________________________________________________     Investment fund from England is interested in acqu[…]
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The prospective buyer is looking for European based companies, acting in the following chemical sub-domains: norganic chemicals, sulphur, water purification and treatment chemistry. The following general acquisition criteria shall be met: * Annual income:  Eur 5,000,000 – 200,000,000 * EBITDA:  Eur 1,500,000 * 100% or majority participation is required. Selling proposals are welcom[…]
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Slovenian company is looking to purchase pallets and europallets from Romania    Looking for new and used : EUR palette 120 x 80 palette 120 x 120 Minimum quantity : 1 full truck / delivery   […]
Finding Business Partner, Exporting, Importing, Distributing Products & Services
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