Asian manufacturer of plastic injected components for the automotive industry is looking to buy or partner with a Romanian based producer

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The Perfect profile of the Romanian company is a manufacturer of plastic parts and components made ​​by injection, including but not necessarily for the automotive industry, with an annual turnover of at least € 1 million and maximum € 5 million maximum, profitable and with a portfolio of existing clients .

Production halls available for the expansion of production, or un-used production capacities, is a competitive advantage that is appreciated by the foreign investor.

It is envisaged that the foreign business partner wants to develop the existing production capacities, with a significant contribution of technology, working capital and orders. It is estimated that the annual volume of additional orders thet the foreign company will bring in Romania, is about 2 million (export).

Over this additional export volume, the new company (joint venture) may develop orders with existing customers but they can also expand the range of products once the new technology will be implemented in partnership with the Romanian company.

The partnership between Romanian and foreign company can start by cooperating in production and can take the form of a new joint venture, or acquisition of all or part of the Romanian firm (through an merger & acquisition m&a transaction).

Romanian interested companies, are requested to send us detailed presentation.

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