Czech leading manufacturer of devices of biodegradable waste and compost turners is searching for a distributor

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The Company is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of many various devices for processing of biodegradable waste and compost turners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We export our machines to many countries of the European Union, furthermore to Russian Federation and to the South Africa.

Our manufacturing program contains nine types of the compost turners, drawn or carried by the tractor which are used for composting in the long piles. Further, we produce three types of the self-propelled tracked compost turners with diesel engines. We also make two types of compost-pressing machines with the diesel engines. These are designed for filling the composting bags used for “closed composting” – processing the waste in the LPDE bags. Furthermore, the latest item in our offer for year 2016 is the cylindrical screener.

As we gained experience, information, quality and provide affordable prices of our products, the company began to grow fast. We focus our manufacturing programme on the needs of the market.

Further, we would like to highlight the opportunity of getting back the expenses up to 90 % from the European Union. We believe that our cooperation is prospective and also profitable for your and our business.

The compost turner is a robust machine that broadens the possibilities of using the middle powered tractors in the composting area. The mixing rotor with the shovels homogenizes the material and makes a great base for the compost. Using the compost turner makes the compost maturation faster.

In order to secure the compost turner against the overburden there is installed the friction clutch. It softens the impact from the rotor to the transmission.

The compost turner can be equipped by the water tank to moist the compost. The tank is placed on the front of the machine and it uses the electric pump to spray the water on the compost.

In order to place the machine into the transport position the operator manually moves the machine behind the tractor and the machine is lifted hydraulically.



Technical data

„New 2016“






Working width 175 cm 200 cm 225 cm
Working height 120 cm 120 cm 120 cm
Mixing rotor

Number of shovels + augers

Number of changeable blades



20 pcs


20 pcs



24 pcs


24 pcs



28 pcs


28 pcs

Drive from PTO min. 30 PS min. 35 PS min. 40 PS
Turner secure friction clutch friction clutch friction clutch
Gripping to the tractor cat. 0/I cat. I cat. I/II
Weight 390 kg 460 kg 480 kg
Price in EUR without VAT € 6.700 € 7.500 € 8.450



Spraying device for water or liquid compost accelerant, 200 litres tank                  € 1.170
Spraying dose regulator                  € 150
Hydraulic undercarriage for towed version                  € 620
Cardan shaft                  € 315
Drive by hydraulic engine                  € 750

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