Diary Farm in Romania for sale

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The farm is 100% Romanian private capital and currently has 630 heads (cows). For this headcount, Romanian Government offer grant (subsidy).

The farm has two new stables – Picture 3 – (each having a capacity of 296 heads, concrete foundation and steel structure), milking room – Picture 2 – (with automatic milking plant for milking 30 head simultaneously and two drainage basins of 10 cm capacity each, which keeps milk at 4 ° C) situated between the two stables, two pools of manure (with volume of 2,500 cubic meters of reinforced concrete construction) with tanker platform, associated drainage systems, pathways and platforms inside the concrete platform. In this way, the farm is equipped with all the technological conditions of growth and service. The farm has its own water tank.

The farm is equipped with its own equipment. Thus it has five tractors, three harvesting combines (machine mixed alfalfa-corn silage harvester, a machine corn and grain harvesting machine and other equipment necessary for a good’s performance in this area(plows, mowers, hay balers, forage harvester, machine fed, etc.).

The land on which it works in RENT is an area of 413 ha., the company receiving for this land grant (subsidy) from the Romanian state. These contract had medium term – 9 years.

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