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Extraction of iron ores (surface mine)

Surface of the perimeter :

45 ha

Estimated quantity of ore:

550,000 tons

Iron concentration measured:


Project implementation period:

7,5 years

Direct investment cost:

1,699,740 Euro

Turnover (year 1 of operation):

4,565,217 Euro

Net profit (year 1 of operation):

2,787,725 Euro

Annual profit margin:


Net discounted value VNA (8 years):


Internal return rate of the project:


Benefit/Cost Ratio (B/C) (8 years):


Investment recovery period:

2,4 years

Exit value (sale of project):

5,000,000 Euro


A​ll approvals, authorizations, licenses were obtained

M​uch more reduced operational costs than the underground exploitations (mines)

E​asy exploitation process, does not require special installations, know-how or highly qualified staff

G​ood location, transport by waggons on road, railway, fluvial, maritime V​ery high profitability margins

The iron-ore deposit is at surface, present at a depth of maximum 20 meters, on a delimited area of 49 hectares, of which 45 hectares are legally usable).

The main figures of interest resulted from measurements and laboratory analyses performed by specialists and published in analysis reports are as follows:

  • ▪  Ore in excavated volume: 150 – 400 kg/cubic meter
  • ▪  Estimated quantity: 500,000 – 600,000 tons of ore
  • ▪  Iron concentration measured: over 63%The exploitation will last about 7,5 years in normal conditions, in the hypotheses given by material and human resources planned by the project initiator.

Partnership alternatives:

  • ▪  STATEGIC INVESTOR. Mainly siderurgical production facilities, steel or cast iron producers from the world, interested in the important quantities of iron ore. In this case, the acquisition implies the assignment of 100% equity interests (exit) of our company to the strategic investor, following a due-diligence process. T​he estimated price for this transaction is 5 (five) million Euro.
  • ▪  FINANCIAL INVESTOR.​Investment companies, risk funds, private equity etc. In this case, the acquisition involves the assignment of the majority stake, at a p​ro-rata price compared to the amount of 5 million Euro for 100% equity interests.​Our company could assure the management of exploitation for the period of 7,5 years of investment, under the control of majority investor.Interested parties are invited to contact us.
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