Granite Quarry with equipment for exploitation


The granite quarry is located in the East part of Romania (Tulcea County). The company holds in concession from the the City Hall an area of​ 80,000 sq.m. The concession is for 49 years.
The environmental permit is valid until 2020. The company owns the equipments for the exploitation of magmatic rocks. It also owns a new 60-ton weighing machine.

The perimeter of the quarry is enclosed by a fence, it has electric lighting from 2  continuous diesel generators with 10 kw continuous flow with automated back up- 4.5 kw. It owns a 20000 l diesel tank, within the perimeter of the quarry there are 3 containers used as offices, warehouse and toilets.

The company also holds some fields in concession from the the City Hall in the same county: one within the built-up areas and another one outside the built-up areas and the outside one is located on the Danube. It has another land in Mogosoaia with railway line and unloading platform, warehouse with aggregate sorting compartments.


Asking Price:

Eur: 1,000,000

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