Looking for partner 30-70%

Wee are acredited saltcave constructor companie wee hawe contracts in all europe for saltcave construction also wee hawe contracts with warious companies for 10 years until 2028 in value of 10.000.000 euro the companie wat wee are runing is werry profitable wee was registered the last year a netto profit of 70.000 euro and all this just after 2 years runing of the companie in this moment wee hawe 10 qualifide people how is working in the companie also wee dont hawe any debt for aniwere wee dont work with credits or other loans the companie has located just after one year runing in the first place in the chamber of comerce statistiks wee are seling 70%  from the shares of the companie and it can bee buy litle packeges too  for more details you can contact us  by the below form

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Selling the Company, Finding Business Partner

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