Norwegian Company is looking to find Romanian business partners interested to produce electricity based on heat engines technology

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The Norwegian company is currently searching Europe, for firms that can acquire, convert and tailor standard 20 foot shipping containers to house heat engines – which are patented and that is able to produce electricity based on renewable, low-temperature heat sources in a more cost effective way than existing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technologies.

The currently available technologies for small-scale electricity production mainly operate on non-renewable energy sources such as oil and gas. Existing technologies also have high investment, operational and maintenance costs.

The engines are parts of a wider system, which comprises the use of various other equipment including heat exchangers and cooling systems. We consider the engines themselves as our company’s core activity, and usually employ local or international resources for the expanded system’s needs. Many of our customers are looking for the simplest possible installation of the complete system which consists of a readymade shipping container with preinstalled heat exchanger, grid connection equipment, cooler system and our patented heat engine all installed in a single unit, i.e. housed in a customized shipping container.

We are looking to locate Romanian manufacturers able to perform the necessary tasks: Acquire 20 foot ISO Shipping Containers, customize regarding anti corrosion, paint, welding, cutting, cabling, ventilation, noise reduction, fittings for pipe work, piping, electrical installations, the building and montage of a frame for the cooler unit, purchasing of necessary materials, possibly assembly of complete system with pressure testing, and more in accordance with our specifications that can be provided by request.

The interested parties or any other business intermediary can send to the Romanian Business Exchange / Bursa Romana de Afaceri, the necessary contact information as soon as possible.

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