Online Business that operates in 6 countries across Europe


The online shop (selling mobile phone accessories as well as other products) launched in 2014, increasing its seals year after year: in 2017 the turnover was Eur 500000 in Romania. The online shop start selling also aborad, about Eur 73,000 in other 5 countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia.

In 2017, the company registered 30,000 orders in Romania. The estimates for 2018 is about 50,000 orders.

It has over 100,000 facebook likes and this helps the company to be in the top 200 online stores in Romania.  The online business has 32 keywords in the 1st place on Google, 74 in top 3 and 131 in top 10.

The profit margin is between 10 and 30% – depending on the period.
The EUR 300,000 (asking price) includes:
  • Client database – including recurrent customers
  • Perfectly functional system- one warehouse and delivery in any country in maximum 5 days.
  • Contact suppliers
  • Current stock (over 20,000 pieces in stock at the value of approximately 40,000 EUR)
  • Graphic materials-for promotion
  • Marketing and PR strategy
  • Facebook audiences
  • Stock of products from the moment of sale
  • The know-how of the business
  • Operational procedures in Video and Text format – 70+ videos, that cover much of the company’s processes

Recurrent customers – 12.89%

Average order – 77.61 lei

Roi – 8X

The shipping cost per parcel outside of Romania is about 2 – 3 RON more expensive than in Romania.

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