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We are a consultancy company from Romania, and we looking for partners for our projects in Real Estate.
For the moment we have 2 big projects in Cluj.

NEOBLUE Residence is one of the most expected

projects on the Cluj-Napoca real estate market. It is

located in one of the most attractive areas of the city

and its proximities make the project a certain success.

Located on the lake shore of the Gheorgheni district, the

views of the property is impressive alongside with the

peacefulness of the area, secluded from the city noise

and yet placed right in the beating heart of the city.

Riverside property is comprised of nearly 30.000 sq.mof land

with very attractive urbanism indicators, being bordered by the river

Somesul Mic. As of the current realestate in the city of Cluj-Napoca,

the property is the last open piece of this considerable size that is

to be developed in the downtown area. Our desire is to provide the

commercial space for a potential third mall in the city of Cluj with

over 38,000 sq.m of lease space. The local culture and the increased

demand for apartment housing in the local market is pushing us to

take advantage of the location and propose a unique blend of highrise

living – with an estimated number of 590 residential apartments

spread on 18 levels on a total built area of over 120,000 sq.m.

If you are interested to invest in the one of the most prosperous citis from Romania, please contact us!

We can give you more informations , and the key for a successful business!
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