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Our Company has 22 years of experience in import and distribution of medical technical products, and has developed a distribution network in 5 counties of Romania.

Through its existing distribution network managed by the 5 employees, the company distributes today over 1,500 kinds of products from over 120 suppliers from Romania and from Europe, with warehouse and two stores in two different counties.

The firm is owned in equal participations by the two Romanian partners, has no debts to the bank, state or suppliers, and register an operating profit of 5-10%.

Our company was conceived as a family business that gradually developed and managed to cover – for over 20 years, different needs in the medical field, for medical offices, clinics, hospitals but also for the population, covering all areas of medicine.

Both specialized knowledge and experience of one of the two associates (who worked in the field of trade of technical medical products since 1972) allowed the foundation of the company in 1993 and have provided the necessary basis to start and develop the business of commercializing medical technical products.

Our portfolio of customers is significant, some collaborations dating back to 1993 and consists of medical offices private clinics, public hospitals, and other businesses to which we ensure the necessary supplies.

Also, our company is certified in quality management system ISO 9001 since 2008, which represents a confirmation of the quality of the services we offer.

Buying this business is a profitable investment for anyone wanting to enter in a safe company with a long history on the medical market in Romania, with steady profits and a portfolio of loyal customers, as well as for those who want to expand a business having as premises all these benefits.

The selling price: Eur 100.000


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