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Over 300 years the BRANS have a well-known tradition in Transylvania, in the county of Satu Mare, in producing the natural distilled alcoholic beverages, e.g. strong plum brandy, rotgut and plum brandy distilled in copper and alembic kettles boiled on direct fire. During all these years the distillation and re-distillation process was continuously improved, making it a process and a method spec...
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Satu Mare
As a globally active and innovative company we strongly believe in our fundamentals. Based on a clear vision and mission our fundamentals are the very essence of our daily work. Founded by Lorenz Döhler as a spice mill in 1838, the Gemmer family took over the company in 1892. Since 1957 Darmstadt has been the headquarters of the DöhlerGroup. Today, the DöhlerGroup is a global and innovative com...
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