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Strolling in I Jang’s main plant area, you will be shocked to find the extremely clean environment and will be deeply attracted by collections of artistic works, including pastoral and abstract paintings. This has thoroughly overturned a traditional cognition that manufacturing plants are always filled with dust and greasy dirt.       Based on the respect for professionalism. I Jang has...
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ELKOPLAST CZ, s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturing and trading company playing an important role in the field of metal and plastic products. The production capacity is particularly intended for our own manufacturing program and also for the customer manufacturing. Our production and trading program includes : waste management, house and garden, liquid management, winter maintenance, storage. Our ...
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Founded in Brasov in 1993, PLAMETCO (PLAstic & METal COmpany) is producing on-demand personalized metal racks, stands and displays, commercial furniture, school furniture, metallic accessories, shop fitting parts, foil packaging machines (thermo-bonding, shrinking). Wire, metal board and plastics are processed in our factory, becoming at the end a product that fits to the needs of our custo...
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