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SC Antigua Star SRL is a company with private integral romanian capital established in 2010. The main object of activity is the commerce with flexible packages for various manufacturing industries. In 2011 we started the production of the performed envelopes for the food industry, and in 2013 we acquired a machine to make bags of the type stand up (doy pack) and bags with side fold. Optional, a...
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Kochrom SRL – is a part of the Hermann Koch group, that provides a largerframe for our customers needs and for the valorification of ideas coming from our employees. Following our demand – diversity from one hand – we want to assure that our products are special on our market. So we are able to form a strong connection between technology – product – customer satisfaction from the very beginning...
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Jilava, ILFOV
Egepack being one of the largest manufacturing and importing companies operating since 1994 in Romania, provides customers with a wide range of packaging (all types of bags, personalised bags, sandwich bags, garbage bags), stretch film, pvc, shrink, packaging and prepackaging machines.
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