AVERSA Manufacturing SRL

Aversa Manufacturing SRL is a successful privatization of AVERSA S.A. which has a tradition of over 132 years of supplying customized pumps to Romanian infrastructure and exporting to more than 11 countries.

On September 11, 2013 the auction committee approved the auction declaring Aversa Manufacturing SRL the winner and President of AAAS stated to the press “We were extremely careful to respect all obligations under the tender book, especially those related to maintaining the number of employees and the continuation of production activities specific to the company”.

In the seven months since the auction, the company has restarted production and exports and has hired 236 workers, but customer’s demand has been so strong that Aversa Manufacturing is now increasing its workforce.

The company will invest up to €15 million for a new factory in Bucharest (forecasting 1,250 jobs by 2018). Aversa Manufacturing SRL is the only centrifugal pump producer in Romania and its products are used in infrastructure, energy industry, irrigation and oil industry.

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Traian STAN

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