FLASHNET is a multidisciplinary technology company that integrates the latest hardware and software developments, creating and implementing intelligent systems for smarter cities and smart grids. Basically, we are a research and development company that creates and implements intelligent energy management systems for cities and electric utilities.


Our vast expertise in the fields of Smart Grid and Streetlight Management has led to a number of competitive solutions that proved themselves in international markets. While the smart light management system is a mature and fully-featured solution, the smart grid has successfully passed its first implementations, being recently available to our customers. The home and building management system is still under development, but we hope to be ready for its demonstration and proof of concept soon.


FLASHNET competences and solutions target a certain range of fields and industries, for both the public and private business sector in Romania and at international level. We work closely with our business partners around the world in order to better the city management and improve the energy distribution grids. Moreover, we are developing a new building management system, thus allowing virtually every building in the city to become intelligent and part of a whole.



Is a street lighting remote management solution that ensures that the right amount of light is provided where and when needed.

In-depth grid management gives an accurate real-time feedback of any change occurring along the grid, reduces energy loss and offers advanced maintenance optimization tools. But there is more: the lighting grid thus becomes a nervous system, with devices controlled and sensors connected throughout the city, laying the foundation for any future Smart City applications.

Using the existing street lighting grid, you save money and transform distribution level network into an intelligent infrastructure of the future.

A complete Smart Grid solution to gain grid awareness, reduce power loss, integrate renewable energy and allow remote smart metering.

Today’s low voltage energy grids face a number of immediate challenges. Reducing power loss, integration of renewable energy sources and the need for remote smart metering are just a few issues that recommend Smart Grid technologies as a necessity.

From Europe to Middle East and Asia, millions of people have already witnessed Flash Net technologies. Since Flashnet’s establishment in 2005, we have been creating smarter cities and energy grids, improving resource management and overall quality of life in remarkable cities all over the world.

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