Strolling in I Jang’s main plant area, you will be shocked to find the extremely clean environment and will be deeply attracted by collections of artistic works, including pastoral and abstract paintings. This has thoroughly overturned a traditional cognition that manufacturing plants are always filled with dust and greasy dirt.
    Based on the respect for professionalism. I Jang has been quite particular about these aspects, as it knows that image is the exterior presentation of the group’s internal spirit and usually takes a long time to build.
    And corporate culture is a kind of behavior language jointly generated by all the fellow members within a corporate body. In the I Jang Group, all fellow members-no matter they are top executives, middle-level managers or operators on the production lines-are self-motivated, regard factory as their home and pride, and strictly carry out the management spirit of putting people, things, goods and materials in proper order.During the process of promoting the 5S campaign and seeking the ISO quality assurance certification, the I Jang Group has accurately mobilized the entire corporate organization to reach the goals. This is because, in the cultural discipline within the group, management decrees serve as only an auxiliary tool and all the fellow members of the group have internalized production & quality control and services to customers as guidelines for doing their respective jobs.
    Sincere dedication from fellow employees can be well seen in I Jang’s plant and products. Orderly and clear environment in the plant area, strictly – controlled product quality, integration of varied ideas from all fellow members, kindly and earnest service attitude – all forming the corporate culture of the I Jang Group.
    When it comes to metal furniture manufacturing plants, people will immediately think of the scene generally seen in traditional plants – dim light, stifling heat, greasy machinery equipment, and disorderly-placed finished products and materials.The I Jang Group insists on not comparing with others and adheres to the concept of seeking breakthroughs on its own. Accordingly, with the design and decoration of offices in the main plant and the relevant sanitation and maintenance, the group has always adhered to the principle of creating a clean, bright and comfortable working environment for employees to prevent the occurrence of industrial hazards.

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