Since 1962, KOTRA has helped Korea become one of the world’s largest trading nations through supporting the overseas expansion of Korean companies and paving the way for new export markets. We have also promoted foreign direct investment in Korea and supported the growth of foreign investors in our country. Today, in a global business environment that poses its share of challenges due to the tapering of quantitative easing in the United States, the recession in Europe and the low Japanese yen, KOTRA continues to support partnerships and cooperation between Korean and foreign companies. We aim to increase trade in such new fields as cultural contents, services, medical goods & services and new energy. And we will continue to provide comprehensive support for both Korea’s inbound and outbound foreign direct investment. Of course, KOTRA will also help companies make the most of Korea’s expansive free trade network. We have free trade agreements with the world’s three largest markets – the United States, EU and China – and other countries, which means you can access 73.5 percent of the global economy through Korea. With 123 offices in 83 countries, we are here to serve as your global business platform. Our goal is to contribute to the economic growth not only of Korea, but also of developing countries through sharing about our development experiences and being a socially responsible corporation.

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Service Provider
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Export, Import
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Vlad Petre
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