UGIR 1903 The General Confederation of the Romanian Industrial Employers’

UGIR-1903 is one of the leading Employers’ Confederations in Romania actively promoting the interests of its members through well-sustained activities.

UGIR -1903 is a national representative organization for businesses of all sizes and economic sectors comprising more than 16% of the national employees from all the territorial units.

UGIR–1903 membership (through direct membership and affiliated organizations) encompasses companies from the chemical and petrochemical sector, textiles, public services, agriculture and food industry, machine building industry, natural gas, garments and leather industry, electronics, printing and publishing houses, and health sector.

UGIR-1903 is both a sectoral organization (including over 60 sectoral employers’ organizations) and a horizontal organization (comprising 42 branches, one in each county, organized also at the level of the 8 regions of economic development as defined by the EU)

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Service Provider
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Export, Import
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