BWSP Hammond Bogaru & Associates

61B Nicolae Caramfil Str, 3rd floor, sector 1, Bucharest
61 Strada Nicolae G. Caramfil București Municipiul București RO
+ 40 21 326 60 53+ 40 21 326 60 53
+ 40 21 326 60 60

BWSP Hammond Bogaru & Associates brings the experience of lawyers from different legal disciplines to provide a leading law firm in Romania for foreign and Romanian clients.

The transactions handled by the Firm range from assisting small and medium size enterprises to advising major multinational companies. The Firm’s lawyers have many years of combined legal experience in the United Kingdom, Romania, France and Switzerland.

Our commitment is to client service, exceptional quality and traditional values while at the same time fostering an entrepreneurial spirit amongst our lawyers. Clients come to us because they believe that we will find the answers which they need. The delivery of these services in a fashion that meets our standard of excellence and the needs of our clients is the core goal of all the lawyers in the firm, from the newest of associates to the most senior of our partners.

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Service Provider

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