Carmen Ormenisan

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Strada Revoluției 30, Târgu Mureș, Mureș County, Romania
30 Strada Revoluției Târgu Mureș Județul Mureș RO
+ 40-722-296.117; + 40-731-837.337+ 40-722-296.117; + 40-731-837.337
+ 40-265-250.885

She was born in Targu-Mures on 7th of February 1981. With strong roots on the high class Romanian society, had always a passion for the clothes.

Studied Fashion Design and graduated at Decoration Arts and Design University in Bucharest, afterwards practiced in the studios of some most well-known Romanian designers.

Minding always for new inspiration fields, and embracing sources which could suit her creative spirit, she’s driven to accomplish the fantasy, the luxury, the ambitions and dreams of every women creating for.

The quality of the fabric alone is nothing or is not everything. The convenience, the artistic sensitivity, the spirit and the beauty of a dress symbolize than the women’s desires. That’s why the clothes must spread the scent of the women, must wear her comfort … must live with her.

“The beauty is my inspiration and when creating I want to print the beauty and the luxury of the women inside and outside of her dress. Likewise, every beautiful women wear a beautiful dress, purveying the inspiration and the guidance for every of my collections.”

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Targu Mures

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