Bulevardul Basarabia, Bucharest, Romania
202-208 Bulevardul Basarabia București Municipiul București RO

Why Chairry?

Elysee Impex, the company behind Chairry, has been on the market since 1997 and its main activity was related for quite some time to the distribution of leather and fabrics for furniture makers. So you can say that our love for furniture was built in time and the strong bonds with the field added to the experience we aquired helped us make a solid foundation for the Chairry brand, registered in 2011.

Currently, Chairry has become equivalent to a team of professionals in the HORECA area, but also with a very rich portfolio of furniture and accessories suitable for any space, whether we are talking about hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee-shops, terraces, pools, private beaches, waiting rooms, offices, events and conference halls etc.

Of course, we have furniture in all possible styles (classic, modern, elegant, minimalistic etc.) and we can provide customized solutions, starting with adaptations in design and finishing with building materials, fabrics and colors. But we have an extra something that makes us different from our competition – we’re very open to everything new. Chairry is constantly looking to enrich its own portfolio with special pieces and some of them are surely unique on the Romanian market. As proof, you’ll see that we are exclusive representatives for famous brands such as ZOWN, Balliu, Bubola e Naibo and TWENTYFIRST in Romania.

Last, but definitely not least, it’s very important to us for you to know that all our models are designed for frequent use and easy maintenance, but with all the comfort. Furthermore, we’re always looking for the best options in regard to the quality you get for your money. And speaking of quality, we’re quite proud to be respecting international standards like ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

So feel free to contact us and together we’ll find the best solutions for your business! Call us, write to us or even drop by our Showroom in 256 Basarabia Bd., and if you’d like to see what we created for other customers, you can look at these samples, relevant to any kind of space.

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