We have an investor interested in buying a restaurant business in Bucharest

Proposal's Value (EUR): 100000

Proposal Description:

The investor is interested in buying a turnkey restaurant business, and benefit from a good crossing.

Buyer has business experience and a maximum investment budget of 100,000 Euros.

Restaurant owners who want to sell and fit in the conditions of the buyer are kindly requested to contact us.

The Interest:

Buy a Business

Financial Details:

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Business Trend: Stable

Type of Proposal: Buy Business, Assets or Products. Invest or Lend Capital

Type of Business: Restaurant

Buyer Support: 3 months

Country (where operating): Romania, Bucuresti



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Pension / Event hall

I sell the turnkey business, meaning Pension with 16 rooms and a restaurant / 580 sqm event hall.

Vanzare minipensiune in fuctiune in Centru istoric ,Brasov,cu venit 12% pe an.

Propietar,vând minipensiune Piata Sfatului Brașov,5camere 4bai,capacitate cazare 14 persoane ,amenajari 3stele,in fuctiune de 5ani(vezi istoric Booking),cu venit mediu lunar 2500euro.Ofer in…

Buyer interested in coffee shop / chocolate shop / cake shop or laboratory in Bucharest

The buyer comes with a new concept and is interested in buying turnkey businesses: small coffee shops, chocolate shops, …

Cumparator interesat de afacere mica in Bucuresti – buget maxim 30.000 Euro
Investitor interesat sa achizitioneze afacere in Cluj

Cumparatorul activeaza in industria constructiilor si este interesat sa cumpere afacere cu activitate in productie, constructii sau industria alimentara.

Buget disponibil: 400.000 Euro


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