Development of heritage tourism activities within the NGO

Proposal Description:

We have a real estate heritage located in the area of ​​the National Park Cheile Nerei consisting of 5 buildings in number of 75 rooms (150 beds), 30 toilets, 3 kitchens, a tennis court, 3 American bowling alleys, a shooting range with a decathlon arch. , 2 billiard tables, 3 tennis tables, 150000 m ^ 2 lands near the Nera river etc. in which we can develop in addition to the summer school business in the field of tourism (in partnership with a businessman in the field or with a commercial company interested in tourism).

We are looking for a partner to take over the management of this activity, given that the completion of the arrangement imposes a cost of less than 5000 euros and can enter into operation within two months.

In the town of Slatina-Nera (besides the interest on the National Park) is located the Nera monastery (with 125 nuns) and the Clinic and Hospital of Nera Oncology for the prevention and improvement of human health are on the verge of inauguration.

We also agree with partnerships (public - private) in the idea of ​​allocating a pavilion in 15-20 rooms for the accommodation and care of seniors who have children left for work abroad.

We believe that the location is suitable for summer camps for children and the grounds near the monastery populated with secular trees allow the development of Adventure Park, including the installation of Tyrolean (of great lengths and very large).

All the constructions and the lands have them as a Natural Person and they are formalized by the related CF statements.

We also mention that the area is assaulted by a large number of tourists including students and students and the accommodation spaces in the area are quite insufficient.

We expect individuals or legal entities to develop this business that would obviously bring major mutual benefits.

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Country (where operating): Romania, Slatina-Nera



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