Gas Cylinder Filling Station

Proposal Description:

We are looking for a partner, to invest with us, in a bottling station for gas cylinders. The station has a production capacity of 800 bottles per day. Our initial investment is 220,000 euros. We are looking for a partner to invest 60,000 euros, the amount needed to start the installation. We can offer the investor a 25% of the net profit.

The Interest:

Sell the Business

Strategic Partnership : , , Business Growth

Financial Details:

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Business Trend: Stable

Type of Proposal: Sell a Business, Assets or Products. Get Capital

Type of Business:

Main Reason for Sale: Age / Retirement

Buyer Support: 3 months

Country (where operating): Romania,


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Sell eligible company European Funds Measure 2.2.

Company takeover costs: 25,000-100,000 euros.



Sale, association or financing.

Sale, association or financing.

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