I sell niche (hobby) online business or partner

Proposal's Value (EUR): 250000

Proposal Description:

I sell a specialized online store on the range of toys, hobbies. It offers consulting, know-now, training for taking over and business continuity. Most of them are imported from abroad, the only importer and distributor to some renowned European producers in this field. Sales on its own site, emag, carrefour.ro

It offers online site, blog, forum, facebook page / group, accounts, suppliers contracts, databases, stocks (approx. 50,000 E at purchase price without VAT).
Requires warehouse / office. minimum 40 m2 (also offered shelves, offices, equipment, printers etc with the company)

Website online.ro SEO optimized on google, bing etc appears on the first page of any keyword, and in many searches it appears first.

CA for 2018: 200,000 E, profit about 40-50,000 E

The company is constantly growing and needs more and more capital and time.

Information price 250,000 E

The Interest:

Sell the Business

Financial Details:

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Business Trend: Growing

Type of Proposal: Sell a Business, Assets or Products. Get Capital

Type of Business:

Main Reason for Sale: Lack of Capital

Buyer Support: 3 months

Country (where operating): Romania, Bucuresti


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