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ANEIR – Asociatia Nationala a Exportatorilor si Importatorilor din Romania is apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit Association, acting, on behalf of its members for setting up a legislative, economic and financial framework, in order to develop the Romanian export and import activity in respect of efficiency and loyal competition conditions.

Our Association has various bodies that are very useful to our members: * “A.N.E.I.R. PROMOTION COMPANY”, is a specialized body for foreign trade with Eastern Europe, especially with Russia. * “A.N.E.I.R.-GROUP” S.A. – custom agent. In order to promote and sustain the interests of its members, * A.N.E.I.R. is implicated in a public-private partnership together with: the Ministry of Public Finances, the National Customs Authority, the Ministry of Economy, the Department of Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Social Economic Council, the National Commission for Strategies from the Romanian Presidency, the National Bank of Romania and other institutions. * The General Secretary of ANEIR – National Association of Romanian Exporters and Importers is Mr. Mihai Ionescu – Co-president of the National Export Council of Romania, founded through HG No. 486/2004, who gets all ministers and central institutions with activities in foreign trade, together with professional and employers’ organizations including the Chambers of Commerce.

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