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We provide BPO and consultancy services in the area of accounting, payroll and HR administration. Our clients cooperate with us to turn their back-office activities into a strategic function which helps them to attain success in their business. In addition we provide full-range tax consultancy, corporate and legal services, to enhance the strategic decisions of our clients with regard to industry, country or region in which they operate.

As a team originating from CEE we are familiar with differences between particular countries in the region and thus we can perfectly understand our clients’ position by entering these markets and their needs by actually doing business. We make sure our clients minimize risks and enter the markets smooth and safe without experiencing any unwanted surprises.

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Type of Company:
Consultant, Service Provider
Company business Interest
Find a strategic partner, Offer business advisory, Distribute products / services
Name of the Contact Person
Laura Stefan
Executive Manager
Phone of the Contact Person
+40 314050440
E-mail of the Contact Person

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