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The head office of AGRARIUS AG is in Bad Homburg v.d.H (20 km north of Frankfurt am Main). The regional focus of its operative business is in the investment region of Romania.

Romania – an attractive agricultural location in Europe

The still young EU country of Romania offers ideal preconditions for profitable arable farming: legal security, top class soil quality, large areas of land, low hectare prices and a favorable climate.

The fact that in some parts of Romania the use of modern agricultural machines is still an exception even today indicates not only the enormous need for development but also the enormous possibilities for the future of this country. The prospect of managing low cost areas of arable land there using the most modern machines with better resources is extremely promising.

This applies particularly to the region of Banat in the west of the country: the agricultural holdings of AGRARIUS AG are in the region, which has been called the granary of Europe by many experts.

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Find a strategic partner, Export, Import, Distribute products / services
Bad Homburg
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Ottmar Lotz

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