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Over 300 years the BRANS have a well-known tradition in Transylvania, in the county of Satu Mare, in producing the natural distilled alcoholic beverages, e.g. strong plum brandy, rotgut and plum brandy distilled in copper and alembic kettles boiled on direct fire. During all these years the distillation and re-distillation process was continuously improved, making it a process and a method specific to the BRANS. After the communist regime and unleashing the private system, Mr Bran Ioan established the ALCOROM Company, with main activity in producing the natural distilled alcoholic beverages, under the brand BRAN, registered and protected by OSIM (State Office for Inventions and Trademarks. From the beginning until now, the BRAN products were listed and awarded at different national and international contests, receiving gold medals and diplomas with the Gold Brand distinction. Distillation is a separation and purifying process used since the second millennium BC, in the North of Mesopotamia to obtain the perfumes. Distillated products were also used by the Alchemists in obtaining different Therapeutic Tincture by macerating herbs. In Europe, distillation as a method of obtaining the ethylic alcohol, was introduced in the 10th century and was used in medicine for the treatment of different diseases, afterwards known as “aqua vitae” (the water of life). Only in 1300, the production of distillated products for consumption and their resulted products enter in a commercial circuit. In Romania, the first evidence regarding the existences of the kettle for brandy manufacturing are originated in Transylvania (1332), and around Satu Mare, the first evidences regarding the brandy preparation appear in 1570.

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Export, Distribute products / services
Satu Mare
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Bran Ioana
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0745 357 351

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