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Set up in May 1991 as a professional association, currently, the Romanian Banking Association has 39 members, credit institutions with majority private or state-owned capital and branches and representative offices of some foreign banks. The Romanian Banking Association concentrates the entire banking industry of Romania, being the voice of the banking sector before the Romanian authorities, the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, the World Bank and other domestic and international bodies.

Its main goal is to represent and defend its members’ rights and interests, especially now when the regulating of a normed system devised at European level could put additional pressure on banking. The banking industry’s priorities pertain to maintaining the role of the banking sector as main financier of Romania’s economy, including via actions to strengthen financial discipline in order to provide the banking sector’s stability and credibility.

Type of Company:
Service Provider
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Export, Import
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Executive Manager
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(+4) 021 321 20 78
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