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The company’s flagship products, ArtiCAD-Pro and BathCAD, are used by more than 7500 designers in the UK market alone, with a rapidly expanding number of users in North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. Whilst the ArtiCAD-Pro and BathCAD-Pro software has changed dramatically over the years, the company’s commitment to product and service innovation has remained at the heart of ArtiCAD’s activities over the two decades. And this dedication to innovation and customer service, combined with a wealth of experience in the KBB sector, means that a number of clients from the very earliest days of ArtiCAD remain with the company to this day.
 CAD software
 online sales tools and applications
 process automation software for kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms
OBJECTIVES To visit new customers and to make sales, targeting potential distribution partners and sales prospects and to capture key marketing intelligence in preparation for market entry.

Type of Company:
Company business Interest
Find a strategic partner
Marea Britanie
Watford UK
Name of the Contact Person
Theresa Turner

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