Association EVROLIFE - Business development, Investment and self employment opportunities

Association EVROLIFE seeks for representatives in EU to represent the Association and its members.

The scope of representation:

a) To introduce the membership in Association EVROLIFE – the membership is efficient shortcut to:

  • Promotion and sales of the products or services to over 2,000 members in EU and Russia;
  • Reputable and realistic valuations of member’s businesses or projects;
  • Professional assistance in structuring or restructuring of member’s businesses or projects;
  • Equity investors: private equity, venture capital, wealth individuals at disposal for investments in member’s business development or undertaken projects;
  • Long-term tailored financing solutions concerning business development or project financing;

The above opportunities are offered to Professional Members. Affiliated members are offered with unique and attractive savings and lifestyle solutions:

  • Establishment of designated savings plan with option to convert it into purchase budget during the savings period without surrender charges, suitable for children savings, educational savings, additional pension;
  • Alternation to real estate investment with objective to gain return through rental income and increased value within few years: investment in preferential shares of selected members with guaranteed dividends of 12% per annum and buy-back arrangement;
  • Portfolio of lifestyle products and services offered under privileged terms and conditions, exclusively to members of the Association;

b) To promote and distribute member’s products or services – Association EVROLIFE is focused on global improvements of energy efficiency and clean energy production:

  • Design of energy efficient premises: any architectural design could be supported;
  • Energy efficiency improvement of existing premises through renovations based on selected building materials and methodologies;
  • Construction of energy efficient and independent premises in accordance with tailored architectural design, or through prefabricated design;
  • Developments of GREEN Complexes: residential and commercial complexes constructed with the highest level of energy efficiency and supported with clean energy production facilities;
  • Efficient conversion of forestry and wood processing waste into energy and energy products;
  • Replacement of “dirty” technologies in energy production with clean solutions through exchange concept (location and licenses in exchange for required energy media);
  • Variety of products used in energy efficiency improvement and clean energy production (home automation, windows, doors, net metering systems, etc.)

c) To promote and distribute membership as the self-employment or freelance job opportunity through offered Introducer concept.

Representation is regulated through Representative Membership offered by the Association, and it is a subject of referral fees on successful introduction. It is addressed to business consultants, financial consultants, distributors and freelancers.

Type of Company:
Business Broker, Consultant, Distributor, Service Provider
Company business Interest
Offer business advisory
Executive Manager
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