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Company Values

In order to meet our clients’ needs and to provide them with the highest quality and the promptest services, we have innovated on all levels: we have opened damage centers set up in modern premises, that are easily accessible, we have varied our product portfolio, we have entered niches and we have accessed alternative sale channels. We have invested in the latest technology to supply our sales force and online sales. We have consolidated our position on the market every year. We are currently the No. 1 Company in the Top Romanian Insurers

For us, the concept of Adherence is not a notion we take lightly. We apply this by concentrating on the needs of each of our clients so that we can propose the solutions that precisely meet the clients’ expectations and requirements.

We are a company that is always changing. Every day we want to be closer to Romanians, to provide them with prompt, quality services. (…) We have reached the 1st Place in the Top Romanian Insurers, which only determines us to get better, to be more prompt, more efficient, closer to our clients and collaborators who have placed their trust in us. We take each client seriously and, furthermore, the Seriousness of the Astra team is an additional guarantee of the quality of the services we provide. It is important to us to maintain constant image and business practices, which is why we cannot afford to lower our standards.

The ASTRA Asigurari company has entered the insurance market as a strong and stable player as early as 1991, when it separated itself from the former ADAS state owned company, thus benefiting from vast experience on the national and international insurance market.

We are a company with Tradition, we have acquired almost two decades of continuity and we have thus acquired experience, credibility and notoriety, we have a history behind us, as well as bold plans for the future.

With over 240 territorial units throughout the country, providing over 60 types of general, life and health insurance, ASTRA Asigurari has full territorial coverage, undertaking Responsibility for the safety of our clients’ future and it undertakes their risks. For us, responsibility is a part of our business strategy – it is the constant commitment undertaken by the company to contribute to the improvement of its clients’ lives.

Moreover, ASTRA Asigurari is the company that has paid the largest damage in the history of Romanian Insurers, for the Tarom aircraft, a Boeing 737-300 traveling to Sharm El Sheikh on 30.12.2007. During take off from the Henri Coanda International Airport, the aircraft hit a utility vehicle located on the tracks. Within the meaning of the Airline Hull & Liability policy, ASTRA paid the TAROM company the insured value of the aircraft, amounting to USD 10,000,000, as well as USD 432,400 consisting of expenses for the movement of the wreck.

This was a case when we have proven Attachment to the client and we would like to continue to prove to our clients that we are there for them, that we keep our promises and that we are fair in our partnership relation, by taking appropriate action in any situation. We want our clients to consider us a trusty long term ally.

This is why we keep the promise we make to our clients, with no exception.

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Dan Grigore Adamescu

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