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The Baupartner group proposes innovative construction methods, in order to uniquely and appropriately satisfy the needs of each client. We are a group of companies with prospective thinking, a solid base of production and integrated services, each entity of the group being also able to act independently from each other. Each company of the group is specialized in areas connected to the main activity, to perform works operatively, independently and self-sustaining, having its own specialized management. Of course, the companies also act within the group – e.g. within big, turnkey projects – closed connected under the direction of Baupartner and its centralized management. The creation of this complex structure guarantees the fulfillment of some ample projects in extremely short periods of time and complying with international quality standards, which is proved by the history of our already completed projects.

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Find a strategic partner, Export, Import, Distribute products / services
Ariceştii Rahtivani
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Michael Dietrich

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