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Centre for Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (CBAB) BIOTEHNOL was established in 2002 as a non-profit organization for undertaking research and training personnel in the modern areas of biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology. Since then, BIOTEHNOL has rapidly grown and today it has an excellent infrastructure in terms of equipment’s and has well-trained human resource that is going to be further enriched. BIOTEHNOL team has experience in computer design, process analysis and economic analysis of biotechnology processes catalyzed by enzymes.

Areas of scientific interest: Maintechnologies for material irradiation with accelerated electron beam (with applications in chemical, food and environmental processes); chemical and biochemical technologies (classical and chromatographic reactors); spectro-colorimetric methods for the quality control of the environment and of the agro-industrial products and processes and also for computerized preparation of recipes to coloring/pigment thermoplastic composites; technologies for the production of lacquers and paints; Secondary: Modelling of chemical and biochemical unit processes (classical and chromatographic reactors); automated systems for the acquisition and reproduction of color-data (BioUNIPAL, HunterLab); spectro-photometrical analytical methods (IR, NIR, UV – VIS); chromatographic analytical methods (HPLC, TLC); rheological analytical methods; pigment dispersion in synthetic resins for paints.

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