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It is my pleasure to welcome new and returning learners to the Bucharest Professional Training College (BPTC) and to invite you to discover our world of personal learning centered on you and the modern Romanian knowledge society. Established in 2009, BPTC offers a wide range of professional and work-based learning programs and courses designed to complement your prior learning and formal studies with practical work based skills, as well as to enhance existing competences and career potential with formal qualifications.

All of our courses and training programs are internationally recognized and certified jointly with leading British vocational education and professional training institutions each of which have a long history of industry-education partnerships.

BPTC welcomes learners from all walks of life and educational backgrounds – from accomplished executives and institutional leaders, to individuals returning to work or re-training for work, as well as university students, graduates and high school leavers. Above all else, we believe that learning is personal – it is about you and your needs. Learning at BPTC is accessible in a multiple of ways, offering you the choice of fulltime and part-time study, traditional face-to-face led seminars and courses facilitated by our international tutors, or totally independent and individualized self-paced learning both on campus or at your home or office. You decide what you learn, when you learn and how you learn.

Type of Company:
Consultant, Service Provider
Company business Interest
Find a strategic partner, Find a financial partner, Offer business advisory, Distribute products / services
Name of the Contact Person
Corina Corda

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