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CESIRO is the highest output tableware pottery manufacturer in Europe; located in Romania, in the center of the country, in Sighisoara, a traditional medieval town. The original manufactory was founded in 1957.

Our current production of household ceramics is of 4.5 million pieces monthly, mostly plates, platters, cups and bowls but also casted products (accessories like tea and coffee pots, egg, napkin and butter holders, salt and paper, doses, creamers, jugs, ash-trays, fruit baskets and decorative art: candle holders, vases and pots); all in more than 100 colors monthly, some of them decorated.

Anglia, Austria, Bulgaria, Cehia, Estonia, Elvetia, Franta, Germania, Grecia, Italia, Olanda, Polonia, Serbia, Spania si Ungaria, being present in most hypermarkets and supermarkets all over Europe.

Our goal is “To fulfill our customers’ needs at the highest level of satisfaction by offering qualitative products at competitive prices”, quality that could be achieved only through our continuous effort to bring innovation in technologies and to have skilled personnel.

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Aurelian Gheorghe Voia

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