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Cristian Samfira is a complete artist, addressing over the years various types of art: painting, photography, sculpture, scenography and more recently jewellery design. However the one art that made him follow the curricula of the Visual Arts Academy “Ioan Andreescu” was the fashion design.

He started his career, in 1997, as an eyewear designer while still being a student. After graduation, in 1999, he became a designer for one of the most prestigious fashion houses in Romania at that time. In parallel he was the fashion stylist for the Romanian editions of Cosmopolitan and FHM magazines.

Cristian Samfira brand caters mainly to custom made orders and the clothes are in vast majority unique or in very limited editions. Besides managing his own fashion studio, Cristian Samfira works as well with specialized TV shows, fashion and lifestyle magazine and he is a committed supporter of charity causes such as, Save the Children or UNICEF.

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Cristian Samfira

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