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ECOPACK and ECOPAPER are the first producers of industrial packaging and papers in Romania. The tradition and experience of the two completed by the modernity of the equipment and processes and the products themselves gave them the right to be called as market leaders in Romania.

Thanks to their constant attention towards total quality the two factories created through their products new industrial quality standards following a process of intensive investments in the newest technologies. The natural consequence was the national and international acknowledgement and the re-opening of export markets for paper „Made in Romania”.

To this synergetical duality joined the concern for the for the environment and local communities. Both factories are involved in social programs trying to give back a contribution equal to the efforts of their employees, most of them living nearby the factories.

ECOPAPER and REPAP, its recycling subsidiary, are involved in the recycling of more than half of the total waste paper collected in Romania. This figure will increase year by year, same as our investments in environmental protection.

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