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Mercedes-Benz Romania LLC is a company Daimler AG. Our company is responsible for the import, marketing and sales for brands: Mercedes-Benz, smart, Fuso and Setra and coordinating a network of over 30 authorized sales and service centers.

In 2014, Daimler AG has streamlined sales activities and after-sales market in Romania by the merger of two local distribution entities, Mercedes-Benz Romania SRL and EvoBus Romania LLC

After completion of legal procedures, activities were transferred to EvoBus Mercedes-Benz Romania, which included the sale of buses and coaches new and used retail operations.

After the merger, the activities are conducted in a combined structure, under the same management. EvoBus headquarters in Bucharest, street unit, is maintained, and sales and service teams remained in the same location. Thus, we further address bus and coach customers with the same dedication and attention to their specific needs and requirements.

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Distributor, Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer, Service Provider
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Find a strategic partner, Find a financial partner, Export, Import, Distribute products / services
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Alexander Schneider

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