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With an experience of over 10 years in printing, FLY printing house can offer complete solutions for your projects, through its products – stationery, printed boards, flyers, posters, maps printed in polychromy, stamped and plastic covereted, packaging paper and cardboard characterized by quality, price, promptitude and a flexible price.
Taking existence since 1994, the company FLY DGV dealt with the initial distribution of paper and cardboard printing, is the area distributor of  RTC Holding products and RTC Cosmetics. By making this type of trading in early 1998, the profit obtained was invested in printing equipment with high production efficiency.
Because the competition whose small at that time and raw material prices whose provided by the distributors, the company has a fast developed. Following new investments in equipment that will increase productivity and meet the market needs.
In 2002, the company FLY DGV has become an important manufacturer of stationery and advertising material, and that in 2004 her work divesifice investing in equipment for production of packaging paper and cardboard.
Because the demands are high in this area, the company purchased equipment for producing corrugated cardboard type II, with crisp B, C and E, corrugated cardboard can run in two layers on Kraft paper, or whited paper used especially in food industry, thus achieving high quality products at competitive prices.
Because the quality in recent years become an essential and necessary requirement, we are concerned about permanent continuous improvement of its level in order to increase customer satisfaction.

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