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We started as a printing house in 2002, we continue as a creation and graphic production firm and now we are able to offer, additionally, commercial production and promotional objects.

We own all the means needed in order to become your sole complete provider of marketing and communication materials.

100% private Romanian capital.

Personnel with 20 years’ experience in printing production and additional services.

A family with great tradition in printing industry, evolving from old-school technology to assisted digital off set print.

Grafica si Tipar(Graphics and Printing) owns 30% of the BIZ brand, as well as B2B magazine and events.

Grafica si Tipar is active member of ATT – National Association of Typographies, the only association in Romania which is active at employers and employees levels in the typography industry.

Grafica si Tipar joined the International Waterless Printing Association in 2005, an organization which was founded in the USA ( and which reunites and communicates with suppliers of ecological printing all over the world.

Type of Company:
Manufacturer, Service Provider
Company business Interest
Find a strategic partner, Find a financial partner, Export, Import
Name of the Contact Person
Dragos Balan

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