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Green Master International Freight Services was established in 1997 to provide sea freight and combinations of freight forwarding services.

In 1999, Green Master began its air freight forwarding service. 2000 was the year in which demand for market strategic alliances arose. Green Master completed the tasks of vertical and horizontal integration as well as corporate restructuring to obtain ISO 9002 certification.

In 2003, Green Master began changes to meet ISO 9001:2000 requirements which were successfully met by 2006. This was the year Green Master became a member of the International Air Transport Association when standardized services were put into effect for logistics operations.

Green Master clients are businesses with needs. They must ensure information access and conformity with standards in order to establish a global, paperless system within which businesses may operate. Databases and the internet must be interconnected for the common purpose of total information sharing.

The International Air Transport Association emphasizes that the future is an age of integrated information. Besides the assimilation of external supply chains, internal resources must also be quickly mobilized in order to process customer orders as quickly as they are placed. Thus, competitiveness is created.

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Distributor, Service Provider
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Find a strategic partner, Distribute products / services
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