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Hochland is a family business whose name has guaranteed leading expertise in cheese for over 85 years. Whether cream cheese, soft cheese, processed cheese, hard cheese or sliced cheese for the food retail business, individually tailored product concepts for the food industry or catering sector: Hochland is represented in all the main cheese segments.

Hochland began doing business in Eastern Europe early on – and was instantly successful in creating the brands Hochland and Almette. In Romania, Hochland is market leader in the field of processed cheese and cream cheese today.

Processed cheese has been manufactured for the Romanian market in Sighişoara in Transylvania since the end of 1998. In 1999 Hochland took over a second plant in Sovata, some 80 kilometres north east of Sighişoara. Here, typical Romanian specialities are made such as Cascaval, as well as the raw cheese required for further processing in Sighişoara. The management of Hochland România and the marketing and sales division are based in the capital of Bucharest.

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Sorin Timus

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