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INTACT is the first Romanian media group based entirely on a private local business. A considerable number of the most important brands in the audio-visual and print industry have been launched under this umbrella since its first product, Intact Printing House was established in 1991.

The success and consistency of its brands give the true measure of Intact’s professionalism – the media group which holds most of the leadership positions on the Romanian media market – no 1. in TV entertainment (Antena 1), no.1 in quality newspapers (Jurnalul national), no.1 in sports papers (Gazeta Sporturilor),  no.1 in sports websites (

This is because we have believed in authenticity and have supported real values over time. Through our media products, we have offered the public an alternative, by celebrating the Romanian spirit and supporting the power of local knowledge.

Our group comprises not only a portfolio of extraordinary brands. Intact Media Group embodies a strong team of professionals. The ability to release new successful brands on the market each year and to create quality content keeps us highly motivated.

20 years since its launch, Intact Media Group became the most important media platform in Romania. Addressing consumers and B2B, Intact Media Group offers quality content, locally targeted, created and developed by a team of professionals. At the same time, Intact Media Group is a trustful partner.

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