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The idea of an outsourcing company in Craiova to serve the global market came after a meeting at the local technical University between Mr Vali Iancu, Founder of IT Six, and students in terminal years. Prior to founding a company in Romania, Mr Iancu had outsourced projects to different Romanian service providers between 2001 – 2005. IT Six started in 2005 as a sister company of KVG Consultants, INC based in Phoenix, Arizona, Mr Iancu’s consulting firm. First hires in Craiova: Sept-Nov 2005, 10 people in total, with Sorin Gavanescu (current CEO) and Serban Ionescu (current CTO), both hired as junior software developers.

Type of Company:
Consultant, Service Provider
Company business Interest
Find a strategic partner, Find a financial partner, Offer business advisory, Distribute products / services
Name of the Contact Person
Dan Tusaliu
Business Development Manager
E-mail of the Contact Person

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